Samra Mini workshop

This work shop is good for every one;suitable for any age,helps you make 3 necessary products most of them is for every day use.

This course introduces you to world of making natural cosmetics,and it takes you through the simple stuff,up to making emulsions ,detergents and soap

You will learn how to use ingredients like oils,colours for soap,using essential oils and you will be introduced to using emulsifiers to mix oils and water

This course has is backed up as well with a small guide book that gives the basic info about making natural cosmetics, creams,soap and detergents.And the 5 formulas that is in the videos

Videos will teach you  the following:

  • Eye cream
  • Tint
  • Deodorant

Course is 750LE with raw material
500LE Without raw material

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Course Curriculum

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