About us

About Samra

Provide an alternative to conventional skin
care products using clean, effective, and
sustainable ingredients.

We use premium materials with top quality to produce beautiful products that are made with love and that are food for your skin.
Samra is a cosmetics brand that was founded on 2018, based in Egypt. It was founded to sell natural and semi-natural cosmetics products that benefits the skin and have minimal chemicals that are plant driven. On 2019 we started giving cosmetics workshops and it was a best seller service. In Samra we use cold processed premium oils, European grade chemicals and pure essential oils that are made in Egypt.


We offer a variety of workshops that helps people who want to make home made cosmetics and people who wants to start their own small business. We offer general knowledge of raw materials, formulations and shelf life. Both beginners and intermediate students can join us. We offer our content in Arabic. English subtitles will be available very soon.

Express Delivery Service

We provide all the things that anyone might need in a whole lot natural way!

  • 100% Organic
  • Free Shipping
  • Certified Products
  • Bonus System
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